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Helpie FAQ

Getting Started

  • What do I need to get started?

    The first step is contacting us. 

    We can assess your client’s home and see if it qualifies for the Flip Assist program. Some of the things we look at are the home’s condition, the amount of equity already in the home, as well as evaluate what the home will need. None of these factors disqualify your client from partnering with Flip Assist.

  • How does Flip Assist work?

    It’s simple. 

    Flip Assist wants to make sure no homeowner has to sell at a low amount to an investor. We offer the resources and funding for homeowners to flip their homes and get the most money out of their property. 

  • Is my client’s home potential equity the only way to qualify?

    Not necessarily. 

    Flip Assist commits to keeping costs as low as possible, so that your client’s project can be completed with no out-of-pocket expenses. We want to help each client find the best solution to their real estate problems. Even if your client’s home doesn’t have equity, we will work hard to come up other positive alternative solutions—including making a competing cash offer ourselves.

  • What if the property is in foreclosure?

    Your client still has options.

    Our team can handle all communication to the bank on the homeowner’s behalf to try to negotiate a plan. In most cases, Flip Assist is able to complete home renovations and sell the home before foreclosure takes place. This allows our clients to still walk away with a profit. 

    We even offer custom solutions that help pay the homeowner’s mortgage payments until the home is sold.

  • Does my client need good credit or be currently employed to qualify?

    We understand that people fall on hard times. We are here to help. Credit and employment circumstances don’t disqualify a homeowner from the Flip Assist program. This is why Flip Assist may be a better option if your client is considering a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit), refinance, credit cards, or personal loans.

  • How does Flip Assist compare to refinance?

    Everyone’s situation is unique and a refinance may be a good option for your client. However, some Cash Out Refinance or a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) may both require your client to meet a certain credit score minimum and underwriting may find some discrepancies in your credit report. They may also require your client to provide proof of employment and income.

    An appraisal may also be required to determine the value and equity in your clients property. These appraisal values vary greatly depending on the home’s current condition.

  • Why should foreclosure not be an option?

    Your client still has options that can make money.

    Going into foreclosure will mark a homeowner’s credit report and make it very difficult to purchase another home in the near future. Flip Assist can help get your client’s property repaired, remodeled and sold before foreclosure occurs. Our team can help talk to the lender and most likely, work out an extension or other arrangements. In a worse case scenario, Flip Assist may be able to make your client an offer to avoid foreclosure, still allowing your client to walk away with a little money.