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Flip and Renovation Assistance for Your Clients

Increased Profits – For You and Your Seller


We are a Network of Professionals Who Care

We are a network of private investors, real estate professionals, and contractors who wanted to develop a way for hardworking homeowners to get the most value out of their real estate.

Homeowners everywhere—either facing financial hardships, foreclosure, job loss, or simply wanting to make upgrades—are being forced to sell to investors “as-is” or for unethical, low amounts. That is not how we believe business should be done. So we created an option that benefited the homeowner and not the investor. Simply put, we help your sellers get the most money out of their property, no matter the circumstance. This also allows you, the realtor, to increase your commission.

Flip Assist Kitchen Renovation Project Photo
Flip Bathroom Renovation Project Photo
Flip Assist Living Room Project Photo
Flip Assist Kitchen Renovation Project Photo
Our Process

How it Works

Flip Assist was created to help, not hinder, the selling process for both realtors and clients. We want to make this process as uncomplicated and simple as possible. At the end of the day, we want the homeowner and realtor to receive the highest selling price for their property. 


Request a free evaluation to see if your client qualifies for the Flip Assist Program. Flip Assist will evaluate the home’s condition and potential value to determine what your client should be getting for their home.


Once we’ve completed the evaluation process, we will move forward with the contractors to begin the Flip Assist project. You and your client will be well on your way to raising the home’s equity in a matter of weeks before you sell!


The home improvement projects are completed and your client is ready to sell at top dollar. By selecting Flip Assist to help flip or renovate their home, most sellers increase their profits over 30%!


See Completed Projects


Amerbly Pl.

Amberly Place was a burned property ready to foreclose or be sold to a cash investor for close to nothing.


Angelina Dr.

Angelina Drive was the result of great intentions but fell to unfortunate circumstances.


Escondido Dr.

Nearing foreclosure, Escondido Drive was a home that needed desperate attention to sell fast. 


Ready to get the most money for your clients?